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Jeremy Rowland, LSCSW LCAC

Licensed Specialist Clinical Social Worker and Licensed Clinical Addictions Counselor

Jeremy received his undergraduate degree in psychology from The University of Missouri; Kansas City in 2008 and his MSW in 2012.

Thereafter, he completed an extensive clinical supervision and has been in clinical practice ever since. He's gathered experience working with adolescents and adults in a variety of settings including corrections, inpatient, and outpatient offices conducting individual, family and group therapy with people from all walks of life. Like many of the staff at Family Psychological Services, Jeremy has a special place in his heart for members of the LGBTQIA+ population.  

Jeremy comes to FPS after working as an addiction’s counselor for two years, with his most recent assignment being in the local county jail. Prior to this, he worked in a more traditional role as a therapist. Though he does not treat addiction as a primary diagonsis at FPS, he is able to see individuals who experience complications related to the use of drugs and alcohol of any age. Jeremy takes great pride in offering practical and collaborative support to everyone he works with.

Jeremy uses cognitive therapy techniques anchored in the strength’s perspective coupled with his own down to Earth, laid back style that embraces humor and connection. He particularly enjoys helping his clients to enhance their own internal resources and develop new ones. 

Jeremy looks forward to joining with you and working toward your goals together. He is available for both daytime and evening appointments. If you or your child would like to see Jeremy, fill out an Ask About Services form.

From Dr. Wes: I once signed up for a training seminar at the American Psychological Association's annual convention on the topic of Innovative Approaches to Working with Men and Boys. Upon arriving in Denver, where the conference of 10,000 psychologists was being held, I learned that the program had been cancelled due to lack of enrollment. This was disturbing to me and I've never forgotten how let down I felt. We need better approaches to men's issues and we need to be studying what does and doesn't work for men in therapy. While Jeremy has more than a single interest on his career path, I was pleased to learn when he applied at Family Psychological Services, that one of his major areas of focus is working with this population. Among the thirty requests we get for intakes every week are invariably materials from men and boys who would greatly benefit from specialized services. We are thus thrilled to have Jeremy on board and interested in working with men, young and not-so-young, on the issues confronting them in today's changing times.

We're also excited to add to our staff a therapist interested in treating anger and negative emotion and also one who will further our long time practice in the LGBTQIA+ community.

Jeremy's Schedule

PLEASE READ BEFORE USING THE SCHEDULING CALENDAR BELOW: Jeremy's availability for appointments is listed below. Please note that you CANNOT schedule here, only see availabilities. Contact the office at 785-371-1414 to schedule. If you are a new client, fill out the ask about services form. Due to how Google masks event details, the availability is listed as "busy." This means that anything that shows up as "busy" is actually OPEN for an appointment. Busy = Open.




Working toward self recovery...

I believe that treatment starts with meeting you where you're at and walking beside you until we get where you want to be. It’s less about fixing you than it is about highlighting your individual experiences and the inherent strengths you posess to overcome whatever adversity you might be experiencing. I look forward to accompanying you on your journey."

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Areas of Specialization


Adolescent and Adult Men
Jeremy has a wide range of experience working with adults and adolescents from varying life situations and experiences. He's worked with individuals who are in the throws of crisis and those emerging from crisis to find a new and thriving identities. He is especially concerned with men's issues and interested in working with them to maximize their effectiveness in today's changing society.

Anger and Negative Emotion
Jeremy has significant experience working with individuals who express anger as a primary emotion in ways that are ineffective and problematic. He enjoys working with his clients to explore where this anger comes from and it relates to other primary emotions and how to express it in constructive ways.

Gender identity and Sexuality
Jeremy finds great meaning working with clients who are same-sex attracted or identify as LGBTQIA+. He believes it is valuable for people who are exploring gender to do so as one part of a larger self rather than see it as their entire identity.