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You have a choice in mental health providers. Here are a few reasons to choose us:

  • Expertise: We are renowned in Lawrence and the KC Metro for providing quality service to children, teens, families and adults within our scope of practice.
  • Experience: We've worked with a wide range of clients with a host of different concerns.
  • Availability: Every one of our staff members are or soon will be full time providers with full time schedules five days a week. Yes, we're very busy and it may take a week or two to get in, but hang in there. We've got you covered.
  • Diversity: Our staff is diverse in ethnicity, culture, and age and we're excited to work with an equally diverse clientele within our state scope of practice.




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Family Psychological Services is owned and operated by Wes Crenshaw, PhD. He and his associates see a broad clientele from Lawrence and Douglas County. Dr. Wes also sees Kansas City Metro clients two days a week at our office in Prairie Village.

Next month FPS will begin providing state-of-the-art medication management services to clients who are also seen here for psychotherapy services, emphasizing interdisciplinary collaboration, ePrescribing, convenient client access, and empirically valid protocols.

This growth has left us busier than ever and we are working nonstop to meet the demand. We appreciate your business and we want to work with you. We have fresh, young professionals coming on this fall and to learn what we have to teach them and to provide the same top-quality service you've come to expect at this office. Please be patient with us. There's a reason we're so busy.

We're building on Dr. Wes' twenty-two years of experience in business and mental health service delivery to enhance what you and your family get out of treatment, from the time you make your first call to our office, until the time we shake hands and say "good-bye."


Family Psychological Services offers a full range of services for families and individuals.
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ADD AND RELATIONSHIPS. Millions of teens and adults have been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Dr Wes says that for most of them, ADHD plays a major role in how they get along with others, especially where family, dating and marriage are concerned. He's joined by author Melissa Orlov to discuss how people with ADHD can make the most of their relationships and how their loved ones can learn to better deal with them.

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Available in PAPERBACK, on KINDLE, in
HARDCOVER LIBRARY EDITION through Ingrams Library Services
and on audiobook from AUDIBLE.COM

Dr. Wes Crenshaw offers thirteen principles for successful living with ADD and ADHD drawn from twenty-two years of experience and 23,000 hours of clinical discussions with hundreds of interesting clients. Written in an entertaining, conversational style for readers aged 15 to 30, Dr. Wes pulls no punches in confronting the cognitive, social, emotional, and academic pitfalls people with ADD face every day. He also helps families, friends, and romantic partners understand a diagnosis of ADD not as something to fear or an excuse, but as a first step on the path to a better tomorrow.

SUCCESSFUL DIAGNOSIS & TREATMENT OF ADD & ADHD. What do you think of when you hear "Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder" or ADHD? Does it bring to mind a hopeful explanation for all sorts of problems that you or your loved one never understood before? Or do you think of a conspiracy between doctors, drug companies, and schools to over-label and over-diagnose kids and adults for just being who they are? We discuss what ADHD is and isn't and how to get a good diagnosis and treatment right from the start.

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HAPPY HOLIDAYS!: The countdown is on for Thanksgiving and Christmas and every family wants to know one thing: How to keep the holiday cheer up and the family drama down. Dr. Wes talks about what every family member can do to keep turkeys and tensions from exploding.

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WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN ADHD AND ADD?: Dr. Wes joins Great Day St. Louis on KMOV Channel 4 to talk about I Always Want to Be Where I'm Not and explain why ADHD's branding does more to confuse than enlighten them. Hint: "What do you mean I have ADHD? I'm not hyperactive."

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IS ADD OVER-DIAGNOSED OR UNDER-DIAGNOISED?: We're hearing more about ADD and ADHD every day. But are more kids and adults getting diagnosed than should be? Dr. Wes discusses his new book I Always Want to Be Where I'm Not: Successful Living with ADD and ADHD, and how to get a good diagnosis for your kids or yourself to be sure you're getting the right treatment. As he says, with ADD you go from where you start..

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Wes Crenshaw, PhD is a Kansas Licensed Psychologist who is Certified in Couples and Family Psychology by the American Board of Professional Psychology (ABPP). Dr. Wes has been a member of the Lawrence community for over 25 years, having received his PhD from the University of Kansas in 1994. He trained with some of the masters in the field, and is skilled and experienced in working with adults, teens and couples.

Dr. Wes has served Lawrence, Douglas County and the greater Kansas City metro since 1999. He is coauthor of the Double Take column published weekly since 2004 in the Lawrence Journal World. He is a frequent guest in Kansas City area media.

Download Dr. Wes Crenshaw's Professional Vitae

"When people come to therapy they don't want to talk to a therapist. They want to talk to a person who knows how to do therapy. Regardless of how well you're trained or how much you know, if a therapist can't talk with kids and families like a regular person, he won't be able to communicate the important ideas of therapy. That's how I try to work with my clients -- like a real person who knows something useful that could bring about change."

--Dr. Wes Crenshaw

Kelsey Daugherty will receive her MSN in nursing from the University of Missouri in Kansas City (UMKC) in December and become licensed as an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN). She attended KU for two years before transferring to Avila University where she received her BSN.

Kelsey began her career at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston after spending a summer in Tanzania working at Bugando Medical Center. She completed practica at Awakenings KC, University of Kansas Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Clinic, Stormont-Vail West, and St. Luke's. While she will be licensed for independent practice by January, she will continue her graduate program at UMKC to complete the Doctorate of Nursing Practice (DNP) in 2017.

Family Psychological Services believes that good medication management comes within the context of a larger psychotherapy process. Thus Kelsey will be accepting child, teen, and young adult referrals only from ongoing clients at our clinic. If you'd like to become one, contact Carrie Poe, MBA, practice manager.

"Good medication management begins with good communication between the client, the therapist, and the prescriber. Sometimes clients come in feeling they've been on a psychiatric conveyor belt. My goal is that everyone I work with leaves feeling they've been listened to and understood. "

--Kelsey Daughtery

Adrian Zelvy is a Kansas Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC). Adrian completed a MA in Counseling Psychology-Counselor Education specializing in Couple and Family Therapy in 2007 from the University of Colorado-Denver. Prior to working as a therapist, Adrian worked with adults and children with disabilities to re-enter the competitive workforce and as a high school teacher.

Adrian has practiced in the Lawrence community since 2008. Prior to that he worked at the Wyandot Center in Kansas City Kansas as a part of Project Redirect – providing court ordered therapy services to juvenile offenders. Adrian began serving children, teens and families in Lawrence with the Bert Nash Center's Child and Family Services Team in 2008. He uses a collaborative approach that maximizes the strengths of those he works with and empowers change.

"I am not here to fix you, because I do not see you as broken. Instead, therapy is a process of identifying and initiating small shifts in our way of thinking, feeling and behaving that lead to healthier patterns of living with ourselves and others. Sometimes taking the first steps can seem difficult, but rest assured we'll take them together."

--Adrian Zelvy, LCPC

Alisha Saucedo is licensed in Kansas with a Masters of Social Work (LMSW). She will complete supervision and clinical contact hours and will sit for for the clinical social work (LSCSW) licensure exam in October. She is currently credentialed to see KanCare clients with United/Optum with Sunflower/Cenpatico pending. Until she on the various insurance panels, Alisha can see clients for $40 per session or insurance clients for the cost of their copay, if that is lower. Once she is licensed, our regular rates will go into effect.

Alisha has practiced school social work in the Topeka area since 2008. She also has experience working in acute psychiatric care, juvenile justice, and the foster care system. She brings to FPS a wealth of experience with younger children, adolescents, and families as well as play therapy, behavior modification, solution focused therapy, and Nonviolent Crisis Intervention. She is also certified in Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) for adults and children.

"My goal is to provide my clients with the opportunity for change. Whether that's exploring life through play, including the family or community system, or focusing on a solution, my job is to help you reach your full potential.

--Alisha Saucedo, LMSW


Maria Cristina Davila, MD FAPA is a Board Certified Psychiatrist and Psychoanalyst. She owns and operates Awakenings Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) for adults and adolescents with mental health and substance abuse concerns at 83rd and Mission in Prairie Village. She serves as a consulting psychiatrist for Family Psychological Services and will collaborating physician for our new APRN beginning in January 2015.

Intensive Outpatient Services provide a much needed resource for adults and adolescents who require more than weekly or twice monthly outpatient service, but are not in need of inpatient psychiatric hospitalization. You can reach Awakenings at 913-381-8555.

"I believe in real collaboration between patient, therapist, and prescriber. By working as a team we can enhance treatment outcomes.

--Maria Cristina Davila, MD FAPA



Grace, is a Certified Animal Therapist (CAT)*. She assists Dr. Wes by trying to type notes on his laptop during session and napping on the arm of his chair. Lately she's been learning to sit with clients (or on them), but she may ignore you unless you bring string. In fact, she wrote her masters thesis on string theory. Sometimes she plays rough, particularly with boys. Grace likes boys quite a bit. Grace does not like other cats, but she does like puppies as long as they are friendly and cute. She loves birds...which is why we don't usually invite them to session.

If you have allergies to Grace she won't be offended. She can retire to her office or visit with clients in the lobby during your session. Just let us know at the beginning of sessions. Some clients who like cats but are allergic enjoy having this limited exposure to Grace. Dr. Wes does have a HEPA air filter in his office to keep the air clean of allergens.

"Meow. Meow meow meow. Meow. Meow. Purr purr. Snore snore."

--Grace, CAT

*This is a joke. Cats can't be certified as therapists.