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Ask About Receiving Services at Family Psychological Services. Please click the button below to request an intake appointment. This form will be securely submitted through to our office manager and directed to the therapist you note on the form. If that therapist is not available for new clients, we'll ask another member of our staff to reach out. We'll then guide you on how to complete your intake paperwork and get you scheduled. Thanks!

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To Contact Our Office Manager. Use the form below to contact our office for any matter not related to an intake. Your message will go to Carrie Poe, MBA, through our fpssecure domain hosted by and she will pass it along as necessary. When we respond to you, you will have to set a password to continue on to our  HIPAA compliant site. If you elect to respond to our other email addresses hosted on, you are consenting to have your emails sent in the clear and waiving the protection afforded by 128 bit encryption. To protect your privacy, we recommend the FPSSecure method.