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Our clinical staff works under the direction of Dr. Wes Crenshaw, who has specialized in adolescent psychology for his entire practice. We know how to form the critical relationships necessary to improve outcomes, even with difficult teens...

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Parenting children with behavioral or psychological problems can be frustrating. Adrian Zelvy, Susan Chase, and Tamara Henley work with families to reduce intensity and frequency of conflict, and to curb distressing behaviors...

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While all therapists at Family Psychological Services see adult clients within our scope of practice, Kelly Hughes, Sarah Doyle, and Jordan Mayfield specialize in adult and adolescent mental health issues...

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The Largest Private Mental Health Practice in Lawrence...and Growing

2601 W 6th Suites
Lawrence, KS 66049-4319
Phone: 785-371-1414

Immediate Openings for Children, Teen, Adult, Couples, and Family Therapy

With eight full time licensed, clinical staff, Family Psychological Services (FPS) is the largest private practice in Douglas County and we're still expanding. FPS is owned and operated by Wes Crenshaw, PhD, a Lawrence psychologist with 26 years of experience, including 17 years providing services in Lawrence. He and his associates see a broad clientèle from Lawrence, Douglas County, and the KC Metro. Please browse this website to learn more about our scope of practice and the services we provide.

Medication Management

In tandem with psychotherapy, Family Psychological Services offers state-of-the-art medication management, emphasizing interdisciplinary collaboration, ePrescribing, convenient client access, and empirically valid protocols. We provide a strong face-to-face relationship with our medication clients in an unrushed, accessible, and consistent atmosphere you can count on.

Our Nurse Practitioner, Kelsey Daugherty, DNP practiced at the masters level for two and a half years at Family Psychological Services before completing her doctorate in May 2017. Dr. Kelsey practices under protocol with Lawrence physician Ryan Neuhofel, DO MPH. She is available four days a week, Monday thru Thursday. She offers two one-hour Walk-in Medication Consults on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. The first is from 8:00am to 9:00am and the second from 5:00pm to 6:00pm (note that major holiday hours may vary, follow Dr. Kelsey on twitter @KelseyDNP for live updates). Kelsey is usually in the office on Tuesdays, but she does not have a walk-in consultation that day. These consultations have proven very popular, so come at the beginning of the hour to get your place in the queue. All walk-in clients must have an open chart at FPS, be stable on medication or need only minor changes in dosage which can be completed in a 10 to 15 minute appointment. Clients are seen on a first-come first-serve basis. Walk-ins are not available for non- or new clients or those whose medications are not yet stabilized.


Eight Therapists and One Cat.
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Video Featuring Our Favorite Therapy Cat.

Collin isn't happy. His parents are going through a divorce and he's frustrated and angry. The last thing he wants to do is talk about it with a therapist. He's in for a surprise when he meets his new therapist, Grace, CAT. This is the first in a series of videos designed for kids and adults to make seeking therapy less daunting. Click the video below to watch.

Constantly Enhancing Our Services to Clients
and the Community

In addition to seeing a caseload of teens, young adults, and couples, Dr. Wes supervises and trains all staff, new and seasoned, to offer the top-quality treatment you expect from Family Psychological Services. We're constantly studying the research-validated Gottman model of relationship therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and DNA-v (ACT for teens).

Tamara Henley, LCPC, Adrian Zelvy LCPC, and Susan Chase LSCSW all see children and teenagers. Dr. Wes, Kelly Hughes, and Jordan Mayfield provide treatment for eating disorders. As an LSCSW and LCAC, Jordan Mayfield offers therapy for substance-abuse complicated mental health conditions. Sarah Doyle, LSCSW. Check out each therapist's bio page to find out what they specialize in. In 2019, we'll announce yet another new staff member to our growing line-up of full time, licensed clinical staff.

This is an exciting time for Family Psychological Services as we grow to meet the need for services in our community. Join us to learn why FPS is where families want to be for mental health services.

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Although we continue to be stretched to our intake capacity, FPS strives to make our intake system as seamless, user friendly, and quick as possible, minimizing wait lists and delays. To request services, please click the button below to start the process. Your information will be securely submitted through to our office manager. After reviewing this form, we'll assess your match for our services, guide you on completing your intake materials, and get you scheduled with a therapist. Thanks!

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Kansas City and Topeka

We welcome KC Metro and Topeka clients and see quite a few of them. Our Lawrence office is about four minutes off Exit 202 on the Kansas Turnpike (I-70). From some parts of Kansas City, it's a quicker drive to Lawrence than to distant parts of the metro. From Topeka it's less than thirty minutes. For those in southern Johnson County, the Lawrence Southeast Traffic-way now makes travel via K-10 to Iowa Street much easier, faster, and safer.

Join Family Psychological Services and find out why Topeka and Kansas City Metro residents drive to Lawrence for therapy services.