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Grace, Certified Animal Therapist (CAT)*

Certified Animal Therapist

Grace is a Certified Animal Therapist (CAT)*. She assists Dr. Wes by trying to type notes on his laptop during session and napping on the arm of his chair. Lately she's been learning to sit with clients (or on them), but she may ignore you unless you bring string. In fact, she wrote her Master's thesis on string theory. Sometimes she plays rough, particularly with boys. Grace likes

boys quite a bit. Grace does not like other cats, but she does like puppies as long as they are friendly and cute. She loves birds...which is why we don't usually invite them to session. If you have allergies to Grace, she won't be offended. She can retire to her office or visit with clients in the lobby during your session. Just let us know at the beginning of sessions. Some clients who like cats but are allergic enjoy having this limited exposure to Grace. Dr. Wes does have a HEPA air filter in his office to keep the air clean of allergens. No problem.
*This is a joke. Cats can't be certified as therapists.

Areas of Practice

Client Cuddling
Grace is selective about the laps on which she sits; however, she loves to rub against clients' legs and purr her approval. if you're lucky, she might let you hold her for a minute before wiggling out of your arms to attack a nearby toy.
String Theory
Having written her Master's thesis on the topic, Grace, CAT is enamored with string and its many uses. While string is her batting object of choice, long hair, shoe laces, and keys make decent substitutes.
Strange Noise-Making
Grace is a directive therapist. If you're worried about having to fill awkward silence, don't be. She will spark plenty of thoughtful conversation with her unique, loud voice and mannerisms.

Meow, meow, meow...

Meow. Meow meow meow. Meow. Meow. Purr purr. Snore snore."

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