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Family Psychology Can Promote Family Healing by:


  • Improving Communication Between Family Members.
  • Changing Ineffective Behavioral Patterns.
  • Restoring Parent/Child Hierarchy.
  • Correcting Injustices in The Family System.
  • More Effectively Treating Individual Problems by Drawing On Family Synergy.



Dr. Wes is the weekly coauthor of the Double Take advice column, Our Two Sense in Your Teen and a blog on young adult ADHD in ADDitude Magazine. He's also a frequent guest on TV and radio shows locally and across the country, as well as a lively speaker to schools and church groups. Click on the links below to order his books, read his column, and listen to recordings of recent radio and TV shows to learn more about current topics in Family Psychology including parenting teens, diagnosing and treating ADHD, prevention of bullying, dealing with young adults living at home, planning for college and much more.

and Audiobook from AUDIBLE.COM

Dr. Wes Crenshaw offers thirteen principles for successful living with ADD and ADHD drawn from twenty-two years of experience and 23,000 hours of clinical discussions with hundreds of interesting clients. Written in an entertaining, conversational style for readers aged 15 to 30, Dr. Wes pulls no punches in confronting the cognitive, social, emotional, and academic pitfalls people with ADD face every day. He also helps families, friends, and romantic partners understand a diagnosis of ADD not as something to fear or an excuse, but as a first step on the path to a better tomorrow.

CONSENT-BASED SEX EDUCATION: Teaching kids about sex has always been controversial. There are a lot of ways to go about it: the chaste filmstrips of yore, abstinence advocacy or scientific specifics. On this edition of Up to Date, Dr. Wes discusses the debate over sex-ed curriculum and his idea for a consent-based approach that begins at home. We also talk with David and Nicole, two high school student filmmakers about the approach they're taking with their own short film on sex education featured in Dr. Wes and Katie's Kickstarter campaign.

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CONSENT-BASED DATING: FOUR SQUARES AND A CHOCOLATE BRAIN: Dr. Wes Crenshaw has a very different take on the best kind of Valentine candy to give that special someone looking to fall in love. He joins the Fox4 Morning crew to help parents teach simple but important lessons to their teens about dating…and to teach parents how they can make his favorite chocolate treat.

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Try out Dr. Wes's four-square dating formula for yourself or your teenagers.

Learn the PLUS Model for talking to teens about difficult sexual situation. (BTW: It works well for all other situations too.

Here are the fun chocolate brain molds from Fox4 Morning Show. Teach your kids to use their brains in dating, not just their hearts!: Cybrtrayd M197 The Brain Chocolate Candy Mold with Exclusive Cybrtrayd Copyrighted Chocolate Molding Instructions  

FIFTY SHADES AND TEENAGERS: Dr. Wes joins the Fox 4 Morning show to discuss how parents can use the Fifty Shades of Grey premier to have a serious talk with kids about sex. Because if parents don't, guess who will? Movie makers (if you're lucky) and explicit online content (if you're not).

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The plethora of news stories on campus sexual assaults should tell us something is missing from the sex education process. Dr. Wes says it's time to focus on consent-based sex education. He's bringing out a new book on the topic, and the challenges for both teens and parents in the age of the Internet.

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SUCCESSFUL DIAGNOSIS & TREATMENT OF ADD & ADHD. What do you think of when you hear "Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder" or ADHD? Does it bring to mind a hopeful explanation for all sorts of problems that you or your loved one never understood before? Or do you think of a conspiracy between doctors, drug companies, and schools to over-label and over-diagnose kids and adults for just being who they are? We discuss what ADHD is and isn't and how to get a good diagnosis and treatment right from the start.

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ADD AND RELATIONSHIPS. Millions of teens and adults have been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Dr Wes says that for most of them, ADHD plays a major role in how they get along with others, especially where family, dating and marriage are concerned. He's joined by author Melissa Orlov to discuss how people with ADHD can make the most of their relationships and how their loved ones can learn to better deal with them.

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SEX, TEENS, ADHD, AND THE AUTISTIC SPECTRUM: That's a lot to cover in one interview! But Marianne Russo gets it done with Dr. Wes discussing how Consent-Based Sex Education fits into the world of special needs kids. A very popular recent interview with a gracious host!

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WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN ADHD AND ADD?: Dr. Wes joins Great Day St. Louis on KMOV Channel 4 to talk about I Always Want to Be Where I'm Not and explain why ADHD's branding does more to confuse than enlighten them. Hint: "What do you mean I have ADHD? I'm not hyperactive."

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IS ADD OVER-DIAGNOSED OR UNDER-DIAGNOISED?: We're hearing more about ADD and ADHD every day. But are more kids and adults getting diagnosed than should be? Dr. Wes discusses his new book I Always Want to Be Where I'm Not: Successful Living with ADD and ADHD, and how to get a good diagnosis for your kids or yourself to be sure you're getting the right treatment. As he says, with ADD you go from where you start..

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Other Books by Wes Crenshaw, PhD


TRANSITIONING TEENS WITH ADHD TO YOUNG ADULTHOOD: Late teens with ADHD looking ahead to the future fall into three categories: optimistic, terrified, and lost. Each comes with its own set of benefits and challenges.

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Or click here for Dr. Wes' ADDitude Blog


DR. WES Is a frequent contributor to Your Teen magazine both in print and online. Here are some recent stories featuring his advice.

WHY PORNOGRAPHY IS BAD FOR TEENS. It seems kind of obvious that teens shouldn't be surfing the net for porn, but have you ever considered why? Didn't just about everyone do it when they were kids? Learn why today's free, explicit online content is a whole new world, why it's not giving teens the messages they need, and how you as a parent can compete with explicit content and get out the message you want your kids to have.

IS MY TEEN A SOCIAL OUTCASE OR MAKING SMART SOCIAL DECISIONS? Dr. Wes advises if you should be worried about a teen who spends most weekend nights at home. Is he a social outcast or making smart decisions?

DO I NEED TO CALL EVERY TIME MY TEEN IS INVITED TO A PARTY? You have a right and obligation to know where—and with whom—your teenager is hanging out, but understand that most teens won't give up that information easily and expecting them to be trustworthy won't end well.

Dr. Wes appears around the 15th of every other month on Up to Date with Steve Kraske at 11:00 am on Kansas City Public Media KCUR FM.. We never fail to light up the switchboard with thoughtful calls from interesting listeners! Join the conversation by emailing your question to



YOUNG VOTERS. Less than half of under-30's are registered to vote in the United States. What does it take to get young people to the polls and what drives them away? Dr. Wes is joined by two young adults who talk with Steve Kraske about the voting habits of teens and young adults. We look at the disconnect some feel between themselves and their legislators, and why many just aren't "into" politics.

STEPPARENTING. When families split and merge, the result isn't always as seamless as The Brady Bunch. Making a happy home when step-parents are involved depends largely on the example the adults set. Dr. Wes is joined by Ryan Liston, Lawrence Free State High School senior to offer advice on how to overcome the challenges of starting a blended family and tools to navigate the world of step-parenting.

TEENS AND DEPRESSION. According to the National Institute of Mental Health 11% of teens have been diagnosed with a depressive disorder by age 18. With the complex emotions teens experience, it can be hard for parents and other adults to pick out which teens are at risk and which are just going through a process of normal growth and development. Dr. Wes and Free State High School senior Fiona McAllister join guest host Jeremy Bernfeld to talk about what teen depression is and isn't and the broad range of treatment strategies available to treat it.

BOYS, GIRLS, AND RELATIONSHIP MATURITY. In 1960 two-thirds of all twenty-somethings were married. Today that's dropped to just 26%. Dr. Wes believes the decline of marriage is due to a sharp change in coupling practices and a decrease in the overall maturity of teen and young adult culture, especially among young men. He's joined by a panel of high school seniors who'll offer advice to guide boys and young men toward healthier relationships.

HOW LEGALIZING MARIJUANA IS IMPACTING TEENS AND YOUNG ADULTS. According to Gallup, 58% of Americans now favor legalizing marijuana and few doubt that recreational marijuana will become legal. Years of educational propaganda in schools that equate Marijuana with heroin and cocaine have yielded a generation of cynical teens and young adults who now scoff at any establishment message about po

GETTING TEENS AND PRE-TEENS INTO AN ECONOMY. It seems like a never-ending test of wills between parent and child: kids expecting parents to supply iPhones, video games, cars and computers; or even just spending-money. Parents expecting kids to pitch in to help with chores and neither side satisfied with the outcome. Dr. Wes says that today's teenagers feel entitled for a good reason—we've just given them too much stuff. But it just doesn't have to be that way. How to get your child into a real economy.

WHAT'S THE MATTER WITH BOYS? Female graduates now account for 60% of U.S. bachelor’s degree holders. Young men both enter college at a lower rate than women, and drop out more often. Boys now get lower grades than girls in high school and middle school and report liking school less. Dr. Wes and Noah, a young man entering college in the fall, discuss what’s going wrong with boys these days, and offers some advice on how parents can use the lessons of the feminist movement to get boys on a path to success.

SEX TALK 2014. It's not a one time thing; it’s an ongoing conversation that has to include topics ranging from casual hooking up to sexual and gender identity to the value of monogamy. Dr. Wes, Kendra Schwartz and her mother Stacey, join Steve to explain why a lot of what we’ve tried over the years in teaching our kids about sex, just plain doesn't work—and offer some suggestions on what does. He calls it a “Consent-based” approach to sex education..

COLLEGE DECISIONS. The applications are finished and sent off, and now it's time to wait for a verdict from your teen's chosen colleges. But when the acceptances do roll in, how do you choose which is best and where to live when you get there? Steve Kraske interviews Dr. Wes and a panel of college students to discuss how they made their choices and to offer advice on how to make yours

WHAT I DIDN'T KNOW MY FRESHMAN YEAR OF COLLEGE. Many college-bound students are getting feedback on their college applications. Others will learn their fate later in the spring. But as tough as that process may seem right now, it’s nothing compared to what late teens face in their first college semester, particularly if they’re living away from home. Dr. Wes is joined by a panel of college students just hours out of their freshman semesters.

GAY, LESBIAN, BISEXUAL, AND TRANSGENDERED TEENS. New research indicates that support for gay marriage is now at 81% among the 19 to 29 crowd. But that's not half the story. Teens are leading the way toward a culture that's changing so rapid that they have little in common with young adults just a few years older. Dr. Wes and Steve Kraske invite a panel of teens to share their own experiences in to days GBLTQ world.

HOW PORNOGRAPHY IMPACTS TEEN SEXUALITY. A vast array of explicit online content (EOC) is available right now for your teen to view. It’s three clicks away. And it’s free. For most teen boys and a fair number of girls, it’s a primary source of sexual information. Dr. Wes joins Steve Kraske to explain why that's a bad idea and what parents can do.

KEEPING DIVORCE AS POSITIVE AS POSSIBLE FOR TEENS. It's complicated enough being a teenager today. It's ten times harder when your family is coming apart at the very moment you're trying to find yourself in the context of emerging relationships and sexuality. A panel of teens joins Dr. Wes to share their candid opinions about what works and what doesn't and field listener calls.

FINDING REAL TEEN LOVE IN A SEA OF RANDOM HOOK-UPS: Parents may be a little behind on how teens really couple or don't couple these days. I join Steve with a panel of real experts--high school seniors who know a lot about the rare art of teenage monogamy, and how your teen can find real romance instead of another disposable love.

TEEN TECHNOLOGY: When it comes to technology, teens and young adults always seem to lead the way, while even tech-saavy parents feel left behind. Dr. Wes Crenshaw brings a panel of college bound teens to discuss how technology is shaping the landscape for today's young people and takes listener calls.

YOUNG ADULTS LIVING AT HOME? Whether they're getting ready to leave for college or the workforce, back for break, moving home after failing out, or recent graduates out of work, young adults are moving home, and parents are often ill-prepared for the complexities of having them around. Full of freedom but lacking independence, all sorts of issues ensue.

IS MY CHILD A SOCIAL OUTCAST OR JUST INTROVERTED? Dr. Wes joins Stephen Steigman on Up to Date to discuss introversion and extroversion in teens and young adults and why one is no better than the other. Katie Guyot, coauthor of Double Take and Sarah, a local college student discuss how they coped with both introversion and shyness, and how those two concepts are different. You can also take the intro/extroversion quiz from the book Quiet: The Power of Introversion.

FAILING OUT OF COLLEGE. What happens when your child’s college dream turns into a nightmare of collapsing grades, lost scholarships, academic probation or even dismissal?

DR. WES BREAK UP RULES. It's never any fun, but there's a way to break up a romantic relationship, and a way not to. How teens, young adults, and everyone else can improve their relationship endings.

DR. WES DATING RULES. Dr. Wes discusses his rules for dating. Although honed over 20 years of experience with teens and young adults, they work pretty well for the over 25 crowd too, including recently divorced adults who are re-entering the dating pool.

DATE RAPE AND SEXUAL ASSAULT: Tammara Webber author of Easy joins Dr. Wes to discuss this important topic and take listener's calls about how teens and young adults can reduce the risk of sexual assault and how to cope when it happens.

PLAN B AND OTHER TOPICS: Dr. Wes discusses several teen topics, including the new guidelines on emergency contraception; how to handle young adults over the holidays; and end the semester stress over finals.

ANOREXIA AND BULEMIA: Dr. Wes and co-columnist Katie Guyot discuss these difficult teen disorders

TEEN DATING AND SEXUALTY: Dr. Wes and a Panel of Young Adults discuss what's happening today in teen sexuality.

KID PROOFING YOUR DIVORCE: Dr. Wes and Ron Nelson, Attorney at Law discuss how to keep your divorce from going high conflict.

BACK TO SCHOOL: For kids transitioning from elementary to middle school and from middle to high school it's an especially stressful time of year.

LETS TALK ABOUT SEX (PLEASE!): Helping Forge Healthy Conversations with Teens.

NEW GRADUATES: Welcome to Adult Life!

BULLYING: Teaching Empathy, Ethics and Excellence

TEENS TECHNOLOGY: The Missing Ethics Manual

VALENTINES DAY 2012: Teens and Young Adults in the Modern Dating World

HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS: Avoiding Conflict Between Parents & Adult Children on Break

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  5. Jefferson Exchange: ADHD: Facts and Fiction
  6. Kansas Public Radio: I Always Want to Be Where I'm Not: Successful Lilving with ADD & ADHD
  7. Wisconsin Public Radio Joy Cardin Show:Is ADHD Over-diagnosed?
  8. WFSU Teen 411
  9. WOSU All Sides with Ann Fisher: Transitioning ADHD Teens to Young Adulthood

DON'T LIKE YOUR SON OR DAUGHTER'S DATING PARTNER?: Just about any parent with a teen has been through this one: your child is dating someone you don't approve of. Deciding how to respond can be a tough dilemma. Dr. Wes Crenshaw offers some tips for parents who think their teen's life is being infested with unwanted pests…uh, guests.

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HOW TO MOTIVATE KIDS WITHOUT STRESSING THEM OUT: It's a fine balance for parents between pushing kids too hard and not pushing them hard enough. How can parents know how much kids can take or when they should back off? Dr. Wes joins the Fox4 Morning Show to talk about how to motivate teens without stressing them out..

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COLLEGE CHOICE: USE THE THREE-MS TO MAKE A GOOD ONE: Maturity, Money, and Match will define how well many college freshman perform this fall. Join Dr. Wes and Loren Halifax to discuss how to make The Three Ms work for your high school senior.

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FRESHMAN YEAR. Remember your first time living away from home as an adult? All those little adventures you never expected? Katie Guyot and Emily VanSchmus join Dr. Wes on the Fox4 Morning Show to discuss freshman year at college.

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HOLIDAYS AND COLLEGE KIDS. It's that time of year when young adults return for the holiday season. Join Dr. Wes and Loren Halifax to discuss how to make things go a little easier this holiday season, particularly if you have a freshman home for the first time..

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Dating, Hanging Out and Hooking Up. New Double Take author Kendra Schwartz joins Dr. Wes and Loren Halifax on the Fox4 Morning Show to discuss how how teens couple today and how we'd like to see a little romance blossom in place of random hook-ups.

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Help: My Kid's the Bully. Dr. Wes joins Mark to talk about how to use The Three Es (Empathy, Ethics and Excellence in behavior) to parent kids who treat others with respects.

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Introverted or Shy. Dr. Wes joins Loren Halifax on the Fox4 Morning Show to help parents understand critical differences between shyness and introversion and how they can work with these kids most effectively.

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Young Adults Living at Home. Dr. Wes joins Mark Alford on the Fox 4 Morning Show to offer tips for parents who have young adults moving home, before, during or after entering college or the workforce. It's an important topic...especially for Mark!

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SnapChat and Sexting. Dr. Wes and Emily VanSchmus join Abby Eden on Fox4 Evening News to discuss how fast, easy access to sexually explicit online material leaves today's teenagers surprisingly unconcerned about posting their own explicit images and content.

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Online Explicit Content. Dr. Wes joins Loren Halifax on the Fox4 Morning Show to discuss how online explicit content is changing how teen boys learn about sex and how teen girls view their own sexuality and body image.

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Breaking Up is Hard to Do. But Not As Hard as You Think. Dr. Wes joins Loren Halifax on the Fox4 Morning Show to discuss his best rules for breaking up, which he calls the most essential tool in dating. Hint: It's called "breaking up" for a reason...because it's broken.

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Dr. Wes Dating Rules. Dr. Wes joins Fox4 Morning Show to discuss his best rules for dating. Whether you're a teen or adult, these guidelines will keep you on track in finding love..

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Acquaintance Rape and Sexual Assault. Dr. Wes returns to the Fox4 Morning Show with Loren Halifax to discuss this important topic. He's joined by his friend and New York Times Bestselling author, Tammara Webber author of Easy, a novel that wraps a college student's recovery from sexual assault inside a high interest romance for teens and young adults.

<---Click the photo to listen.

Teen Tech. Dr. Wes joins Loren Halifax on the Fox4 Morning Show to talk about the missing ethics manual in your child's Christmas gift gadget box. Don't wait until problems arise. Start writing your manual now with tips on the good and bad uses of technology.


The Sex Talk is So 1985. Today parents need to start talking to their kids about sex when they're younger and keep talking all the way through adolescence. Dr. Wes appears on Great Day St. Louis to help parents gain some confidence and get started. By the way, this was the day after Prince Harry got photographed in the buff cavorting with young ladies in Las Vegas! Perhaps he didn't get the sex talk yet?

Back to School. School transitions can be stressful for teens, and even more so for parents. Get some quick tips about how to work with teens to create a good communication, avoid cyber bullies and even set a good plan for leaving home for college, trade school, or work. Lots of info in a 3 minute interview with Lauren Halifax.


Supreme Court Ruling. In all the brouhaha surrounding the Affordable Care Act, there was a lot less ink and air time given to The Court's latest decision on how teenagers are treated in sentencing. The court struck down 29 state requirements that teens who commit capital crimes be given mandatory life sentences without possibility of parole. Dr. Wes discusses the ruling with Jim Bohannon on his nationally syndicated talk show and explains the psychological basis for the decision.

Oh what silliness is this? Dr. Wes discusses The Ugly Meter joke app on St. Louis Channel 5, and explains why it's not the best idea for teens, particularly younger ones who may mistake it's sardonic use of a random number generator for a real estimate of attractiveness. Dr. Wes says, stick with Angry Birds.

Bullying. Dr. Wes discusses bullying with the host of STL Moms, focusing on the 3-Es parents must live by and reinforce with positive and negative consequences traditional bullying has given way to "mean kid" behavior used to control the social hierarchy. And are girls really meaner than boys in bullying?

Book Dr. Wes to Speak. Dr. Wes is an accomplished speaker. He has presented programs at the American Psychological Association Continuing Education Conferences, The Erickson Foundation, as well as to local civic groups. You can listen to his radio interviews online to get a feel for his humorous, direct presentation style on topics related to parenting teens. Click here to email us and set up a time for him to speak to your group.