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Behavior Problems

Marijuana Use Among Young People
Dr. Wes joins us to talk about the shift in pot culture among college students, especially when it comes to our western neighbors.
The 'Selfie Culture'
The "selfie culture" is changing how young people see themselves, express themselves, and communicate. But sometimes, that expression can lead to trouble. We explore the darker side of the "selfie culture" and what parents need to know about it.
Eating Disorders
Dr. Wes and co-columnist Katie Guyot discuss difficult disorders such as anorexia and bulimia.
Teen Technology
When it comes to technology, teens, and young adults always seem to lead the way, while even tech-saavy parents feel left behind. Dr. Wes Crenshaw brings a panel of college bound teens to discuss how technology is shaping the landscape for today's young people and takes listener calls.
SnapChat and Sexting
Dr. Wes and Emily VanSchmus join Abby Eden on Fox4 Evening News to discuss how fast, easy access to sexually explicit online material leaves today's teenagers surprisingly unconcerned about posting their own explicit images and content.
Online Explicit Content
Dr. Wes joins Loren Halifax on the Fox4 Morning Show to discuss how online explicit content is changing how teen boys learn about sex and how teen girls view their own sexuality and body image.
Teaching empathy, ethics, and excellence, and examining how bullying has changed through the years.
Teens' Technology
The missing ethics manual in modern day teen interaction with technology.
They're Outta Here! My ADHD Is Chasing Away Potential Relationships
Are ADHD symptoms short-circuiting my relationships? Can ADHD have that effect? Wes Crenshaw, Ph.D., and Heather Brandenberg,

Bored at College! Should I Change My Major Again?
A restless college student wonders if she should change it up or buckle down.

"I'm Too Distracted When I Driveā€
People with attention deficit are at greater risk for accidents and tickets. What's a young driver to do to stay safe and legal on the road?

Expert Q&A: Why Internet Pornography is Bad for Your Teen
These days, teenagers can access explicit pornography with just a click or two on any Internet-enabled device, including a phone.
Help: My Kid's the Bully
Dr. Wes joins Mark to talk about how to use The Three Es (Empathy, Ethics and Excellence in behavior) to parent kids who treat others with respects.
How to motivate kids without stressing them out
It's a fine balance for parents between pushing kids too hard and not pushing them hard enough. How can parents know how much kids can take or when they should back off? Dr. Wes joins the Fox4 Morning Show to talk about how to motivate teens without stressing them out.