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Adrian Zelvy, LCPC, Senior Associate

Clinical Licensed Professional Counselor

Adrian Zelvy, LCPC completed an MA in Counseling Psychology-Counselor Education specializing in Couple and Family Therapy in 2007 from the University of Colorado-Denver. Prior to working as a therapist, Adrian worked with adults and children

with disabilities to re-enter the competitive workforce and as a high school teacher. Adrian has practiced in the Lawrence community since 2008. Prior to that, he worked at the Wyandot Center in Kansas City Kansas as a part of Project Redirect – providing court ordered therapy services to juvenile offenders. Adrian began serving children, teens, and families in Lawrence with the Bert Nash Center's Child and Family Services Team in 2008. He uses a collaborative approach that maximizes the strengths of those he works with and empowers change. Adrian knows the Lawrence community well and can draw on available resources including physicians, school counselor and staff and social workers to collaborate and enhance outcomes. At this time, Adrian confines his practice to late teens, young adults, couples, and post-college adults within our scope of practice. One of his areas of specialization is co-parenting in difficult divorce cases. Adrian recently completed a four-day intensive training in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), a third-wave cognitive behavioral therapy that is empirically validated and effective in a wide array of cases.

Adrian accepts Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Aetna, United, Ambetter, and Cigna. He does not accept KanCare (Medicaid). He appears on the KanCare United and Aetna panels in order to provide supervision to junior staff. He does not accept any form of Medicare.

From Dr. Wes: Adrian has been with Family Psychological Services since 2012 and was it's first clinical employee. He is a popular therapist in the community and stays very busy. In addtion to seeing couples, for relational therapy, he's one of the best coparenting facilitators in the area for families struggling with divorce and custody. If you'd like to schedule an intake with Adrian, please complete the Ask About Services form.

Adrian's Schedule

PLEASE READ BEFORE EXAMINING THE CALENDAR BELOW: Adrian's availability for appointments is listed below. You CANNOT schedule here, only see availabilities. His evening and after school schedule is typically filled during the school year with existing clients. Regardless of availability, he may not be taking new clients. The appearance of an opening does not guarantee an appointment, it only allows you to see what is available to request. Contact the office at 785-371-1414 to schedule or if you are a new client, fill out the ask about services form. Due to how Google masks event details, the availability is listed as "busy." This means that anything that shows up as "busy" is actually OPEN for an existing client appointment.


Healthier ways of living with ourselves and each other...

I am not here to fix you, because I do not see you as broken. Instead, therapy is a process of identifying and initiating small shifts in our way of thinking, feeling and behaving that lead to healthier patterns of living with ourselves and others. Sometimes taking the first steps can seem difficult, but rest assured we'll take them together.

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Areas of Practice

Older Tens and Adults
Adrian has been working with teens and families since 2008 with an emphasis on working with the acting out youth and improving and repairing family dynamics. Adrian strikes a balance between meeting kids where they are and supporting family goals toward progress and growth.
School Concerns
As a former teacher and coach, Adrian has an understanding of school systems and the inherent dynamics, environmental stressors, and social concerns that impact learning and functioning within peer groups. Adrian uses a coaching model to support overcoming obstacles related to both mental health impairment and environmental factors. 
Adrian has an interest in working with adults living with depression and anxiety, as well as supporting growth and repair within relationships. Relationship and marital therapy continue to be an emphasis for ongoing training to support the needs of the entire family.