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Teens are a key specialty area of practice at FPS. Dr. Wes Crenshaw has specialized in adolescent psychology for his entire practice. Our staff know how to form the critical relationships necessary to improve outcomes, even with difficult teens...

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Parenting children with behavioral or psychological problems can be frustrating. Our staff work with children and families to reduce intensity and frequency of conflict, and to curb distressing behaviors...

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Most therapists at Family Psychological Services see some adults within a limited scope of practice...


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We Are Seeing Existing Clients and Accepting New Service Requests at our Office on Peterson and Kasold

3320 Peterson Road
Lawrence, KS 66049
Phone: 785-371-1414


Fifteen Providers and One Cat Serving the Greater Douglas County Area

Now is the time to request services as there is no wait for many clients, particularly those who are with Aetna and Blue Cross and Blue Shield insurance plans. Family Psychological Services (FPS) is the largest practice in Douglas County and we're continuing to expand. FPS is owned and operated by psychologist Wes Crenshaw, PhD, a Lawrence resident with 32 years of experience, including the last 24 practicing locally. He and his associates see a broad clientèle from Lawrence, Douglas County, and the KC Metro. Please browse this website to learn more about our scope of practice and the services we provide.


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We have ample staff to meet the needs of our core client population. We strive to make our intake system as seamless, user friendly, and quick as possible. To request services, please click the button above to start the process. Your information will be securely submitted through to our office manager. After reviewing this form, Dr. Wes will assess your match for our services or, if applicable, suggest alternatives. Our care coordinator will guide you on completing your intake materials and get you scheduled with a therapist. We try to respond quickly but we are getting five to eight requests daily. So, if you don't hear back from us within two business days, please check your SPAM folder and then call 785-371-1414.

Learn more about our Spravato Clinic for Treatment Resistant Depression

What Clients Are Saying About Gilah Weissman, APRN

Note: We don't solicate reviews, but we agree with these comments!

I really like Gilah. She has a really nice vibe about her and I felt like she really listened to me about where I was/where I'm at mentally/emotionally. Totally different than my previous prescriber. Maybe I felt like I connected better with her 🤷🏼‍♀️

I just finished up my first appointment with Gilah. She's lovely!

I really liked her! I felt like she was easy to talk to and took my concerns seriously.

Gilah seemed incredibly knowledgeable on mood disorders. She was super thorough at my intake appointment as well. Overall, I felt really good about her..